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TVR spend close to 400,000 euros on Eurovision 2023 participation

May 19, 2023


It has been confirmed that the Romanian broadcaster spend almost 400,000 euros on their Eurovision 2023 participation.

Romanian broadcaster TVR have broken down all of their expenses for Eurovision 2023, and have confirmed that they spent just shy of 400,000 euros on their participation in this years Eurovision Song Contest. So where did all that money go?

  • Participation fee – 180,000 euros
  • Staging and other associated costs for their Eurovision performance – 80,000 euros
  • National Final – 63,000 euros
  • Broadcasting costs – 25,000 euros
  • Accommodation costs – 23,500 euros
  • Transport costs – 11,000 euros

The Romania delegation was made up of 11 people this year, with 8 of these members being employees of TVR. Each of these members was paid 35 euros per day, 4,480 euros for all of their 16 days in Liverpool.

The return plane tickets from Bucharest to Liverpool and back again cost a total of 3,200 euros, with 160 euros for travel insurance. 

The Romanian delegation were staying in the Lock and Key Hotel in Liverpool, and had four double rooms and three single rooms for 15 nights, totalling 23,500 euros (240 euros per night for a double room, 200 euros per night for a single room).

Romania was represented by Theodor Andrei at Eurovision 2023 with his song “D.G.T (Off and On). He finished in 16th place in semi final 2 and sadly didn’t manage to receive any points.

Are you surprised by TVR’s spending for Eurovision 2023? Do you think it’s too high, too low, or just right? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Andy Von Pip / Zuma Press / Profimedia

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