“Turning darkness into light”: Andy chats with North Macedonia’s Vasil about his performance in Rotterdam!

May 13, 2021


With the Eurovision Semi Finals fast approaching, artists and delegations are moving into to making the final adjustments and tweaks to their performances in the next round of rehearsals. Andy caught up with Vasil from North Macedonia who explained how the staging concept came to be, and how they are feeling about his upcoming performance:

“Tine and Mari I met in Tel Aviv and I knew when they did Tamara’s (Todevska) performance our personalities when we met, I said ok there is something magical here.
I gave them my hand and I said the day I go to Eurovision, I’m going with you. We shook on it last year, they were supposed to do it, and then this year I called again and I said Tine, we’re going.
Once the song was chosen I said I have something beautiful, but I have a beautiful vision of how I want to do it, and it was how do we turn darkness into light.”

He also explained how the staging was influenced by Kintsukuroi, the Japanese art of repairing broken porcelain with gold:

“When you glue it with golden glue, or lacquer, it’s even more beautiful than it’s original state. When I talk about my heart, we all have an inner light, and it is the growth of that inner light, when you get in touch with your inner child that you spread that love and you are untouchable.”

Vasil will be performing in Semi Final 1 on May 18. Check out the full interview with Vasil below!

Are you excited to see Vasil on stage? How does ‘Here I Stand’ rank in your favourite songs from North Macedonia? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I love the song, and I’m rooting for it to qualify. He truly deserves a place in the final. I also love his approach on the show and his thoughts about it all. Just wonderful

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