Tornike will sing to ‘You’ at Eurovision 2021!

March 1, 2021


Georgia’s Tornike Kipiani, who was set to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2020, was announced as Georgia’s Eurovision 2021 representative earlier in 2020, and now it has been announced he will sing the song ‘You’ which was written by himself. 

The song ‘You’ is described as a mic of rock, pop-rock and blues-rock. The Gori Girl’s choir, Aleko Berdzenishvili, Marian Shengelia and Mariko Lezhava feature on the song as backing vocals. The song is set to be released at a later date in March. 

The music video for ‘You’ was shot in several locations, and will feature a ballet troupe. Furthermore, Tornike’s stage performance will be directed by Emilia Sandquist, a member of the Jean Baptiste Group, who also direct Sweden’s Melodifestivalen performances.

Georgia at Eurovision

Georgia became part of the Eurovision family back in 2007, where Sopho Khalvashi got the 14th place with Visionary Dream.The best result to date is 9th place, which was reached in 2010 by Sopho Nirharadze with Shine and in 2011 by Eldrine with One More Day. Some of Georgia’s other most memorable entries include Peace Will Come (2008), Warrior (2015) and Keep The Faith (2017). Tornike Kipiani was selected to fly the Georgian flag in Rotterdam before the contest was cancelled. Tornike has internally been selected to represent Georgia in 2021. 

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