Tix considered withdrawing from Melodi Grand Prix after semi final performance

April 6, 2021


In a recent interview with NRK, Tix has confirmed that he contemplated withdrawing from Melodi Grand Prix following his performance in the first semi final. He mentions that after his semi final performance, he contacted his record label and the Norwegian broadcaster, explaining that he wanted to withdraw from the contest.

“It was so much ugly. It was not about the song, but about me as an artist. People wrote that I did not deserve to be in the MGP. The criticism overshadowed all the good feedback, and in the beginning, it was difficult to see that the performance actually meant anything to people. I called NRK and my record company, and said: “I will retire”. I wanted to give my place to another artist who maybe deserved it more than me.”

Despite the criticism he received, Tix also received a lot of positive feedback from the Norwegian audience, which is what persuaded him to stay in the contest.

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