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They’ve done it again! France have won Junior Eurovision 2023!

November 26, 2023


France have won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023!

This afternoon saw an amazing live show from Nice, France, with 16 countries from across Europe all competing in the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The show was hosted by Olivier Minne, who co-hosted Junior Eurovision 2021 in Paris, and French journalist, model, television presenter and actress Laury Thilleman.

The common song, “Heroes”, was performed at the beginning of the contest, as part of the flag parade of all 16 participants. The interval act saw Junior Eurovision 2022 winner Lisandro performing his winning entry “Oh Mamman”, and France’s Eurovision 2016 act Amir, who sang his Eurovision hit “J’ai cherché” and his new song “Il y a”.

We also saw all of the 16 participants come together on stage again for a performance of “We Are The World” by U.S.A. For Africa, alongside French Junior Eurovision representatives Angelina, Valentina, Enzo and Lissandro.

Zoé from France was crowned the winner with her song “Cœur” after winning the jury vote with 136 points and the online vote with 92 points. Armenia, Spain, United Kingdom and Albania rounded out the jury top 5, with Spain, Ukraine, Germany and The Netherlands rounding out the top 5 of the online vote.

Unlike the Eurovision Song Contest, the hosting of the following years contest doesn’t automatically go to the winning country of the previous year; so it is unknown at present which country will be hosting Junior Eurovision in 2024.

What are your thoughts on the results of Junior Eurovision 2023? What did you think of the contest overall? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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