The Winner Takes It All… Again

| August 9, 2020

Winning the Eurovision Song Contest can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for artists… except for when it’s not. Over the years there have been a number of former winners who have gone back to chase victory again, with varying degrees of success:

Lys Assia

1956 Switzerland – Refrain, 1st Place

1957 Switzerland – L’enfant que j’étais, =8th Place

1958 Switzerland – Giorgio, 2nd Place

Corry Brokken

1957 The Netherlands – Net als toen, 1st Place

1958 The Netherlands – Heel de wereld, =9th Place

Jean-Claude Pascal

1961 Luxembourg – Nous les amoureux, 1st Place

1981 Luxembourg – C’est peut-être pas l’Amérique, 11th Place

Isabelle Aubret

1962 France – Un Premier Amour, 1st Place

1968 France – La Source, 3rd Place

Gigliola Cinquetti

1964 Italy – Non ho l’età, 1st Place

1974 Italy – Sì, 2nd Place

Anne-Marie David

1973 Luxembourg – Tu te reconnaîtras, 1st Place

1979 France – Je suis l’enfant soleil, 3rd Place

Izhar Cohen

1978 Israel (with Alphabeta) – A-Ba-Ni-Bi, 1st Place

1985 Israel – Olé, Olé, 5th Place

Johnny Logan

1980 Ireland – What’s Another Year, 1st Place

1987 Ireland – Hold Me Now, 1st Place

 Niamh Kavanagh

1993 Ireland – In Your Eyes, 1st Place

2010 Ireland – It’s For You, 23rd Place

Dana International

1998 Israel – Diva, 1st Place

2011 Israel – Ding Dong, DNQ (15th Place in Semi Final 2)

Charlotte Nielson

1999 Sweden – Take Me To Your Heaven, 1st Place

2008 Sweden (as Charlotte Perrelli) – Hero, 18th Place

Alexander Rybak

2009 Norway – Fairytale, 1st Place

2018 Norway – That’s How You Write A Song, 15th Place


2010 Germany – Satellite, 1st Place

2011 Germany – Taken By A Stranger, 10th Place

There have also been numerous winners, who have taken the trophy on subsequent attempts:

Udo Jürgens

1964 Austria – Warum nur, warum?, 6th Place

1965 Austria – Sag ihr, ich lass sie grüßen, 4th Place

1966 Austria – Merci, Chérie, 1st Place

Vicky Leandros

1967 Luxembourg – L’amour est bleu, 4th Place

1972 Luxembourg – Après Toi, 1st Place

Elisabeth Andreasson

1982 Sweden (as part of Chips) – Dag efter dag, 8th Place

1985 Norway (with Bobbysocks!) – La Det Swinge, 1st Place

1994 Norway (with Jan Werner Danielsen) – Duett, 6th Place

1996 Norway – I Evighet, 2nd Place


1983 Sweden – Främling, 3rd Place

1991 Sweden – Fångad av en stormvind, 1st Place

2006 Sweden – Invincible, 5th Place

Linda Martin

1984 Ireland – Terminal 3, 2nd Place

1992 Ireland – Why Me?, 1st Place

Helena Paparizou

2001 Greece (as part of Antique) – (I Would) Die For You, 3rd Place

2005 Greece – My Number One, 1st Place

Dima Bilan

2006 Russia – Never Let You Go, 2nd Place

2008 Russia – Believe, 1st Place

Who is your favourite returning winner? Which former winner would you like to see return to the contest? Let us know in the comments.

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