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The town knows everything: Albina releases hotly anticipated new song

June 6, 2023


Albina is back with a brand new song, "Grad sve zna" (The Town Knows Everything).

Time has been Tick-Tocking away for Albina, as she has released a new single “Grad sve zna”, alongside an official music video, which Albina says is one of her favourite music videos yet.

“I’m delighted to say that this video is one of my faves so far because Luka and Ana did such a fantastic job with it! The music video is revolving around the themes of girl power and self-awareness. What I appreciate the most is that the atmosphere on the set was really easygoing and fun; I had a lovely time working with the entire team.”

“Grad sve zna” is a very utempo pop-dance track, which introduces a new and powerful kind of energy… and a completley different version of Albina, as she explains:

“Although I typically find inspiration in both personal and other people’s experiences, I always like leaving out some room for the listeners to interpret the meanings of the song for themselves – the same goes also for this single. The theme of the song is quite universal, and as such I think many people will identify with it and/or relate to it; hopefully, it will inspire and uplift people. 

I also believe that – depending on diverse personal experiences- the same verse will come to have a different meaning for each listener. From my personal point of view, “Grad Sve Zna” is introducing a new and powerful kind of energy that brings to the surface a completely different version of me.”

The song has been written by Albina herself with music by Hrvoje Domazet and Đana Smajo, with the latter, a friend and colleague of Albina, also providing backing vocals. The music video has been directed by Luka Matković & Ana Cindrić.

“I feel really happy about being able to continue working with my dear collaborators, because together we have, once again, come to an excellent song.”

Croatian lyrics:

Znam da bit će mi bolje bez nas
Zato ne traži me kada si slab
Da odustati znaš, ja to najbolje znam
Hajde sad kao tad budi gad

I dok sebe sam ubijala, tvoja nedjela sam skrivala
Za sve druge uvijek blistala,
A duša mi samo na tebe pristala

Viski, dva, izlazak, nemaran
Postaješ ali grad sve to zna
Suze dan ili dva sviraj kraj
U moj svijet tako svet ne diraj

Na tvom putu bez plana i usred svog mraka, i sjajna i stvarna
Sad bit ću ti kazna, al vuče te strana ta tamna i prazna

English lyrics:

I know I’ll be better off without us
So don’t look for me when you’re weak
You know how to give up, I know that best
Come on, be a bastard like then

And while I was killing myself, I was hiding your wrongdoings
Always shining for everyone else,
And my soul agreed only on you

Whiskey, two, going out, careless

You become, but the city knows all that
Suze, play the end for a day or two
Do not touch my so holy world

On your way without a plan and in the midst of all the darkness, both bright and real
Now I will be your punishment, but you are drawn to that dark and empty side

Albina’s singing career started after she finished in third place on The Voice Croatia in 2020. After the show, she signed with Universal Music Croatia and went on to release her debut single “Imuna na strah” (Immune to Fear) in October 2020.

In February 2021, Albina won Dora with “Tock Tock” and went on to represent Croatia at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. She finished in 11th place in semi final 1 with 110 points, just six points shy of qualifying. Since Eurovision 2021, she has continued to release music, most notably “La La Love” in 2021 and “Noću” in 2022, which reached number 2 and number 4 in the charts respectively.

In February 2021, Albina was nomited for Best New Artist at the Porin Awards, which she went on to win in June of that year.

“Grad sve zna” is available to download / stream on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, deezer and Tidal.

Have you heard Albina’s latest song yet? What are your thoughts on “Grad sve zna”? Let us know what you in the comments below!

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