The story of Sugar: Natalia Gordienko talks about how her Eurovision entry came to be

April 11, 2021


In an interview with Adevărul, Natalia Gordienko has revealed how her Eurovision 2021 was created, and how she ended up with Sugar for Rotterdam.

As we already know, Sugar was written and composed by The Dream Team – Philip Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn (English lyrics), (Russian lyrics by Mikhail Gutseriev), and with choreography by Fokas Evangelinos. But how was Sugar created? Natalia Gordienko reveals how the idea came about in a restaurant.

“We worked on the song last year, when we found out that it was postponed and we were told that the song “Prison” could not be used this year. It was the composer’s idea and it was even funny how he told us the point from which he started in the creative process: he was in the restaurant and ordered a coffee and they brought him sugar. He looked at sugar and suddenly thought that the name would be “Sugar” and the concept would be as sweet as sugar, an extrapolation of the current situation and the turbulent times we live in. Then came the demo of the melody line and the lyrics, and I put my shoulder to do something else. We hope you like it too.”

Are you a fan of Natalia Gordienko’s Sugar? Do you think we will be seeing Moldova in the Eurovision final? Let us know in the comments below!

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