The Roop to be vaccinated soon? Lithuanian Minister of Culture supports this proposal!

March 26, 2021



In anticipation of Eurovision, the Minister of Culture proposes to vaccinate the Lithuanian representatives.

As Lithuania reviews its vaccine strategy against Covid19, new audiences are being given priority. Among these, medical staff and students or school staff. In this perspective, the Minister of Culture proposes to vaccinate the band that will represent Lithuania in Eurovision 2021.

The proposal is based on the possibility of making the Lithuanian delegation travel and thus limit the risk of contamination. The proposal has been transmitted to the Ministry of Health, which must give the final decision. But the Government has already announced that it supports the proposal.
Group leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius has made it known that he and his group would be happy to be vaccinated : “If we go unvaccinated to the competition, we will have to be tested constantly, which does not provide any protection, so we would spend a lot of time isolating with protection. The vaccine would allow to communicate more freely with the media and continue to spread its message“.

The arrangements made by the organizer, and in particular the Health and Safety protocol, provide for regular tests. This would still be applicable for The Roop if they are vaccinated before the Contest. 

What do you think guys? Should the national delegations get vaccinated before the Contest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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