The Rasmus release official music video for “Jezebel”

February 16, 2022


Finnish rock band The Rasmus have released the official music video for their latest song and Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022 entry, "Jezebel".

The music video has been directed by internationally awarded Finnish film director, Jesse Haaja. Jesse has previously worked with The Rasmus on their music video for “Wonderman”.

Jesse explains how he had planned to take a break from directing, until he heard Jezebel: “After I finished my previous feature film, I promised to myself and my family that I’m taking a long break from the film industry. But then Lauri called me and I promised to listen to Jezebel and think about it. After five seconds of playing it, both of my daughters were dancing in the living room and the decision was made to do the video…”

The Rasmus speak up!

The Rasmus vocalist Lauri Ylönen has offered his thoughts on the music video, saying: “Emppu is the star of the video! We wanted to introduce her to the world big time. After all, she is like Jezebel, rebellious and dangerous… I enjoyed being tied up to the bed and tortured. I’ve always pushed myself to the limit at every video shoot.”

For newest band member Emppu Suhonen, this is the first music video for her as a member of The Rasmus, and it’s clear to see she had a lot of fun on set: “For me, the most fun in this music video was to be the one who helps Lauri out of trouble with huge bolt cutters. Never used those before!”

Jezebel has been co-written by The Rasmus themselves and Desmond Child, who also produced the song. The pair have previously collaborated on the bands seventh studio album, “Black Roses”. The song itself is a homage and tribute to all the strong women of today, as Desmond explains.

“…Jezebel is a homage, a tribute, to the strong women of today, who own their bodies, who are in charge of their sensuality, their sexuality, and who are determined to be an equal.”

The Rasmus will compete in the 2022 edition of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu on February 26th, where they will be competing with six other acts to be crowned Finland’s Eurovision 2022 act. In Autumn of 2022, the band are expected to go on a European tour, performing in no less than thirteen countries.

Have you seen the music video for “Jezebel” yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Venla Shalin

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