New format for Junior Eurovision not known to all countries

| October 5, 2020

As 2020 ends, that only means one thing… time for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! This year, being held on November 29, the contest will look different than years prior. With the COVID pandemic still upon us, the format this year has been changed to ensure safety for all those involved. The contest, which is being hosted in Warsaw, will be aired live from a studio along with interval acts. The young participants will each perform from a studio broadcasted in their home countries.

The contest’s Executive Supervisor, Martin Österdahl, announced that the new format was set up because of the ongoing travel restrictions, but is necessary so that these talented young artists could have their place in the spotlight.

As of September 8, the participating countries for this year’s 18th Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) are, Armenia, Belarus, France, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Malta, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, which is the host country, and Germany, who is participating for the very first time. The participating countries have all agreed to a similar stage layout and technical set up, to maintain fairness across the board.

These 13 countries, however, may not necessarily be the final line up. This leaves the opportunity for countries who had already withdrawn, the ability to reenter the competition. This has lead to countries like Italy to consider a decision to take part in 2020 and potentially ring up the participation number to 14.

Italy in Junior Eurovision

In 2014 Italy joined the Junior Eurovision Family, with a very successful debut, because Vincenzo Cantiello won the contest with his song Tu Primo Grande Amore. Despite winning once, they have never hosted the contest. Furthermore Italy finished 3rd in 2016 with Fiamma Boccia and her song Cara Mamma. Last year Marta Viola represented Italy with her song La Voce Della Terra and finished 7th.  

Do you want to see Italy participate in Junior Eurovision this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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