“The love of my fans makes my adrenaline high”: Senhit talks to Andy in Rotterdam

May 12, 2021


The rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest have finally started! The artists have arrived in Rotterdam to perfect their performances right down to every single detail so they could do their best on the competition night.

One of them is Senhit, representing San Marino in this year’s Contest. Andy managed to catch up with her about her impressions of the Eurovision and the first rehearsal.

She admits that she was nervous as she was performing first, but she enjoyed the third round. She stays optimistic:

I believe the next rehearsal will be super good!

Senhit explains that the main inspiration for the staging is her brand new nickname given by the Eurovision fans – Freaky Queen.  The idea was further developed by her creative director Luca Tommassini, whom she truly trusts.

She explains the concept:

You know, with Luca Tommassini, the creative director, we decided to build like a kind of a – because you guys call me a Freaky queen in this past [year] 2020, because “Freaky” from my last song and “queen”, I don’t know why! And I decided with Luca to play about this role and I came out from the stage as a queen, with this beautiful crown that represents like a mother and a son, a queen and a prince, and I start with my microphone up as [scepter], and then my dancers decide to take off my crown and I start to sing the song.

They are using the choreography they’ve posted on TikTok earlier this year to create some hype about the song.

As Senhit is a returning artist this year, she explained that many things have changed since her previous entry in 2011. She stated that she has grown a lot, gained a lot of experience and that she doesn’t regret singing her ballad “Stand By, because it was a beautiful song. This time she decided to bring something uptempo and energetic that would match her personality.

Make sure to watch Senhit opening the second Semi Final on May 20th at 21:00 CET with her song “Adrenalina”. You can also watch the full interview with Andy on our YouTube channel.

What do you think about Senhit’s first rehearsal? Can she qualify and reach the top 10 as fans are predicting? Let us know down below!

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