The Busker have brought the party to Liverpool for their first rehearsal!

April 30, 2023


The Busker have smashed their first rehearsal, with sweaters and party hats galore!

The Busker have most definetley brought the party vibes to the M&S Bank Arena for their first rehearsal as they have delivered what could only be described as three minutes of pure fun!

@eurovision The Busker bring the party! 🎉🇲🇹 #Eurovision2023 #eurovision @the_busker ♬ original sound - Eurovision

The boys from Malta exude happiness as they have delivered a very high energy and fun performance, complete with sweaters, party hats, cardboard cutouts, and a surprise costume change at the end!

There is a lot happening on stage, with the message of their song being portrayed in a very clever way, through use of props and graphics. All members of the band interact very will one another on stage, and move effortlessly from one prop to another, telling the story of their song along the way.

The whole performance is very bright and colourful, from The Busker’s outfits, to the props on stage, which certainly provides a very visually appealing and memorable performance.

Stay tuned for more first rehearsals coming up from Serbia, Latvia, Portugal, Ireland, Croatia, Switzerland, Moldova and Sweden.

What are your first reactions for The Busker’s first rehearsal? What do you think of all the props they have on stage? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

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