The Black Mamba release new single, “a parody” about a “man who all women long for”: “Crazy Nando”

May 27, 2021



At the end of the second semifinal of Eurovision 2021, the Black Mamba revealed a new single on social media, accompanied by a video recorded in Rotterdam, at the hotel where the musicians stayed.

According to the band, the theme of “Crazy Nando” is “a parody about a stereotype of Casanova, that man for whom all women sigh and pass out just by hearing his name.


“Of course, whoever goes to war, gives and takes, and Nando gets into serious trouble every now and then. With a sonorous sound influenced by our idols from the 70’s, ‘Crazy Nando’ also has a video clip recorded in a hotel in Rotterdam, with the possible means in the confinement imposed by Eurovision”, they explain.

What are your thoughts about this song? Share with us your opinion cause…it matters!

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