“That’s the perfect opportunity, the only opportunity”: Andy catches up with The Black Mamba

May 12, 2021


The Black Mamba, Portugal’s 2021 Eurovision representatives, had a smart conversation with Andy and started by saying that the whole scenario and stage was great and that they are not used to this type of scenarios and technology on stage. “The stage is really impressive, we have played in a lot of festivals but even so, it’s very impressive!” – said Miguel, one of the band members. Pedro Tatanka emphasized the fact that they are very pleased to be going through this experience since, as he himself acknowledged, they are participating in one of the biggest world music events. Regarding the look of the band, they proudly spoke of the fact that at Festival da Canção, they wore rented suits and that for this event they had the privilege of being dressed by a famous Portuguese tailor, who manufactured their suits by hand specifically for them. When asked about the scenario chosen on stage, they explained that it has everything to do with the history of music, from the hippie woman to the typical buildings of Amsterdam. The band feels that the whole story behind the song takes them on a journey through time, since 2016, when they met the woman portrayed in the song in Amsterdam, passing through the coming back home in Lisbon to the return to Amsterdam. It is as if a cycle of life is being closed and everything now was making sense.

Tatanka said that everything since the victory in Festival da Canção until what they are experiencing at the moment is extremely emotional, as since the confinement the band did not get together (more than a year). We also wanted to know if they felt nervous about approaching the performance day, to which Tatanka replied that despite having years of experience and feeling like fish in the water on stage, they would be lying if they said they were not. Something that makes them equally excited and expectant is the fact that they have millions of people with their eyes on the event in which they are participating, and that opens doors for many stages across Europe. “Probably that’s the perfect opportunity to many many people watching us, the only opportunity I guess we have with so many people watching us”, concluded Tatanka with a smile, looking at the rest of the band as a sign of mutual agreement. Finally, they spoke once again of how they feel emotional about everything that has happened, as if it were a reward for the hard work of years that they have developed and that undoubtedly they consider deserved. “Sometimes we are very emotional about it, because we work a lot, we work a lot!”, Tatanka emotionally confessed. “We really love what we do, we are not in it for the fame, we really love music!”

Always in a good mood, there was still time for some funny questions made by Andy. The band concluded the interview with a special message to all the followers of Eurovoxx. Curious? You can watch EVERYTHING in full, in the video below!!! We hope you like it as much as we do!

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