Teya & Salena Back With New Song “Bye Bye Bye”

September 10, 2023


Austria's Teya & Salena return with brand new music

They’ve gone from “Who the Hell is Edgar” to “Bye Bye Bye”, that’s right, Teya & Salena are back and have remained as a duo for their newest single “Bye Bye Bye”. Of course, Teya & Salena represented Austria at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool where their song “Who the Hell is Edgar” proved to be a real fan favourite. Teya & Salena finished in 15th place in the Grand Final with 120 points. Although this was not the result the duo hoped for, this was still a strong result for Austria considering the depth and talent in this year’s Grand Final.

Many fans of Teya & Salena weren’t sure whether or not the duo would stick together following the contest. The pair were internally selected by the Austrian Broadcaster Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) for Eurovision 2023, and quickly won over many Eurovision fans with their trending “Who the Hell is Edgar” dance, along with the song’s important message.

Teya & Salena’s new song “Bye Bye Bye” also features a brand new music video. Produced by Yinon Yahel and directed by Ruy Okamura, the music video follows the funny concept of a child’s birthday party. Teya & Salena, dressed in fancy dress (ladybird & bumblebee costumes) sing and dance to their song next to a bouncy castle and infront of small group of seamingly unimpressed children, who start a food fight at the end of the music video.

Fans of Teya & Salena will be satisfied to see the duo have stuck to a fun and light-hearted feeling in this music video for their new song “Bye Bye Bye”,  the same feeling which can be similarly felt in their performance of “Who the Hell is Edgar” on the Eurovision stage. The response to their new single has been incredible so far; the future certainly looks promising for the duo from Austria.

What do you think of Teya & Salena’s new song “Bye Bye Bye”? Would you like Teya & Salena to remain as a duo and bring out more new music together? Would you go and see Teya & Salena on tour? Let us know in the comments below!

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