Switzerland: Gjon’s Tear reveals how his entry was selected!

| December 30, 2020

Switzerland’s 2021 Eurovision representative Gjon’s Tear along with Head of the Swiss Delegation Reto Peritz have revealed how they decided upon his entry for 2021. Gjon’s Tear was originally meant to compete for Switzerland at Eurovision 2020 with the song Répondez-moi. 

The process to finding the entry?

The process began with a song writing camp, where thirteen songs were created. The next step was to add the production to the 13 songs. The demos of the songs were presented to a mixed-jury, which consisted of 100 Swiss residents and 20 international experts. The role of each juror was to assign points and provide feedback on how they would improve the entry. Taking feedback from the jury, the final process was to complete the final version of each song.

After the production of all 13 songs finished, Gjon’s Tear performed each entry live because it was important for them to see how each entry came across live with Gjon’s vocals.

The final reveal?

Reto Peritz has confirmed he is happy with the outcome of the entry and Gjon’s Tear co-wrote the song himself. The song will be revealed in spring with no exact date confirmed for the release of the entry. 

Are you excited for the release of Gjon’s Tear Eurovision 2021 entry? Let us know in the comments below!

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