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Switzerland Contemplates Eurovision Victory and Potential Host Cities

May 1, 2024


As Switzerland’s Eurovision journey unfolds with Nemo leading the charge, discussions abound regarding the prospect of victory and the logistical considerations of hosting Eurovision in 2025. Drawing insights from a recent article by RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse), the excitement surrounding Nemo’s performance and Switzerland’s Eurovision aspirations is palpable.

Hallenstadion, Zürich Switzerland

According to Yves Schifferle, head of the Swiss delegation, and seasoned Eurovision commentator Jean-Marc Richard, optimism is high for Switzerland’s chances of securing victory this year. Jean-Marc Richard expressed confidence, stating, “Nous n’avons jamais eu autant de chances de gagner!” (We have never had such a good chance of winning!). Richard’s sentiment reflects the growing anticipation among fans and industry insiders alike, buoyed by Nemo’s exceptional musical talent and unique stage presence.


In the event of a Swiss victory, discussions are underway regarding potential host cities. Among the cities being considered are:

  • Geneva: With venues such as Palexpo, capable of accommodating up to 33,000 people in its main halls, and Geneva Arena, offering a more intimate setting for 9,000 attendees.

  • Zurich: Featuring venues like Swiss Life Arena, capable of hosting up to 14,000 people, and Hallenstadion, which can accommodate up to 16,000 attendees.

  • Basel: Offering venues like St. Jakob-Park, known for its large capacity of 40,000 people in concert, and St. Jakobshalle, capable of accommodating up to 15,000 people.

  • Bern: Home to the PostFinance Arena, with a capacity of up to 18,000 attendees.

Each of these cities brings unique attributes and infrastructure to the table, making them potential contenders for hosting Eurovision 2025. Geneva, in particular, has expressed keen interest in the economic and cultural benefits of hosting such a prestigious event, through it’s mayor. 

The article underscores the significance of Eurovision as both a cultural phenomenon and a showcase of musical talent. It highlights the economic impact experienced by past host cities, offering valuable insights into the potential benefits and challenges associated with hosting such a large-scale event.

Maybe Switzerland already thinks about a discount during Eurovision for the visitors of next year’s contest? What are your thoughts on Switzerland’s chances at Eurovision this year? Which city do you think would make the best host for Eurovision 2025? Share your opinions in the comments bellow.

Source: RTS – “Et si la Suisse gagnait la prochaine édition de l’Eurovision?” (Translation: “What if Switzerland won the next edition of Eurovision?”)

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