Sweden reveals stage details for 2021 & has back-up plans in case Melodifestivalen can’t go ahead

| January 22, 2021

Karin Gunnarsson, producer of Melodifestivalen, has revealed further information concerning the Swedish national selection for Eurovision. She emphasized that Melodifestivalen will definitely take place in one way or another. To ensure that, Gunnarsson explained that SVT prepared several possible scenarios for this.

Besides the show itself, the primary goal is to avoid any kind of spread of the Covid-19 virus. As many other TV shows and also sports like biathlon or football is currently doing it, acts from Melodifestivalen are supposed to create a social bubble with less people as possible. If one act got infected by the virus, a spread throughout the other participants should be avoided at any cost. 

Stage Details

As a result, audience won’t be allowed in any of the shows which influences the stage for this year. Therefore, this year’s stage designer Viktor Brattström had the opportunity to fully design the stage for the television and not paying any attention to the live audience. That means that the lighting will focus on the camera. The stage design was revealed yesterday.

Also, the stage has the shape of a catwalk and therefore goes very deep into the room which would have led to a restricted view for the live audience. Brattström took advantage of this fact and tries out new opportunities in this matter. One major source of light will be the floor as well as the roof which also would have caused a restricted view for the audience. Since the Ericcson Globe in Stockholm will be the only venue, the costs for this stage could potentially be higher than usual. 

Backup plans in case someone cannot perform

In addition, just as it is planned in several Eurovision scenarios (C & D), performances will be pre-recorded during the rehearsals already so they can be used as a backup in case an act is in quarantine or too sick to perform. 

All 28 competing acts won’t travel around Sweden to different locations for Melodifestivalen as usual. This time, Stockholm will be the only location for all 6 shows (4 semifinals, Andra Chansen show & final) in order to reduce the risk of infections. Since the final is schedulded on the 13th of March 2021, it won’t be possible to postpone the show further away due to the deadline of the EBU to submit the entries for Eurovision.

Gunnarsson emphazised the importance of Melodifestivalen to take place as every year, especially because it is the most important Swedish show for the music und culture scene. In a time where pretty much everything is cancelled, it is important to give artists the oppurtunity to showcast their talents. Out of the 28 competing acts, a few of them have already presented Sweden at Eurovision such as Charlotte Perrelli (1999 & 2008), Eric Saade (2011), Jessica Andersson (2003) & The Mamas (2020). 

Sweden in Eurovison

Since making its debut in the 1958 contest, Sweden has taken part in 59 editions. For every edition since 1959 Sweden has used their popular national final format Melodifestivalen. Sweden has 6 Eurovision wins, in 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012 and Sweden’s latest win was in 2015 with Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes. Sweden hosted the contest 6 times as well, in 1975, 1985, 1992, 2000, 2013 and 2016. Some of Sweden’s most memorable entries include Waterloo (1974), Popular (2011) and Undo (2014). The Mamas won Melodifestivalen 2020 and were due to sing their song Move in Rotterdam before the contest got cancelled.

Are you looking forward to see Melodifestivalen? Who do you think is gonna win one of the biggest national selections in Europe? Let us know down in the comments.


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