SVT revokes new rule, months after its introduction

| November 11, 2020

Swedish broadcaster SVT, has announced this week, that a recently introduced rule regarding gender is to be scrapped.

In May 2020, Melodifestivalen producer Karin Gunnarsson announced the new rule, which stated that every entry in the contest from 2022, must have at least one female author. This rule was brought in, after many years of complaints about Melodifestivalen songwriting efforts being dominated by men.

Of the 100 credited songwriters from Melodifestivalen 2020, only 21 were female, and represented in 6 of the final 12 songs.

This is not the first time producers have introduced gender quotas into the competition. In 2014, they introduced a rule stating 20% of all entries must have at least 1 female author. In 2015, that number was increased to 50%. But it still seems like they are struggling to fulfil those targets.

Do you agree with the decision to revoke the new rule? What do you think could be done to generate more interest from female songwriters? Let us know in the comments below!


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