Suur aitäh! Silver and Joonas from Traffic help out at Tallinn hospital

March 13, 2021


Not all heroes wear capes! Two band members from Eesti Laul 2019 finalists Traffic have been helping out at the East Tallinn Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic in Estonia, and have said they intend on helping out until the very end of the worldwide crisis.

Silver Laas and Joonas Sarapuu have been helping deliver supplies to hospitals, transport test samples between laboratories and bring patients fresh clothes. Lead singer of Traffic, Silver, revealed in his Instagram post that he and Joonas have both received the COVID-19 vaccine, and went on to say that it was ‘pretty sad’ reading all of the conspiracy theories online when he has first hand seen the impact on hospitals and the healthcare industry.


"Reading conspiracies on various social media channels as if this disease doesn't exist and hospitals empty makes it pretty sad because I see every day how hospital wards are completely full."‎
Silver Laas
Traffic vocalist

At the end of his heartwarming Instagram post, Silver urged his followers and fans to stay safe and do what they can to help out during the pandemic. East Tallinn Central Hospital currently has three COVID departments, the last of which opened at the end of February.


A big, big thank you to Silver and Joonas for their amazing efforts during the pandemic!

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