Susanne Georgi joins “Una Voce Per San Marino” as jury member

February 7, 2022


It has been confirmed that Andorra’s Eurovision 2009 entrant, Susanne Georgi, will be on the jury panel for “Una Voce Per San Marino”: “I am immensely happy, and it’s an honour to have been chosen as juror for the festival.”

Susanne keeps up the fight for an Andorran return

As Susanne is confirmed as a jury for the San Marinese selection, she has taken the opportunity to continue her fight for Andorra to return to Eurovision. Over the last few years, Susanne has been very vocal about her wish for Andorra to make a Eurovision return. However, as of now, Andorra still remain out of Eurovision.

“They know everything I am fighting for Andorra to return to Eurovision and San Marino, as a small state, also want the Principality to return… “Andorra can learn a lot from San Marino, it is also a small state that has not stopped fighting and betting on the great dissemination and promotion of being present at the Eurovision Song Contest… ast year their efforts were rewarded and they reached the final, it was sensational to see how a small state defended its colors alongside the larger ones.”

The main reason for Andorra withdrawing from Eurovision is down to finances, or lack of. Back in 2020, Susanne put forward her financial proposals to the Andorran president and the broadcaster’s director, in the hopes that it could secure Andorra’s return to the contest. But two years on, and Andorra doesn’t show any signs of returning any time soon. 

Microstates take on Eurovision!

San Marino and Andorra are just two of a handful of Microstates that have participated in Eurovision since the 1950s. Andorra began their Eurovision journey in 2004 with Marta Roure and her song “Jugarem a estimar-nos”. Ultimatley, she failed to qualify to the final, as did the next five Andorran representatives.

Andorra’s best Eurovision result came in 2007 when boyband Anonymous finished in 12th place with their song “Salvem el món”. Danish-born Susanne sang “La teva decisió (Get a Life)” on the Eurovision stage in Moscow in 2009. She finished in 15th place with 8 points.

Are you happy to see Susanne Georgi on the jury panel for “Una Voce Per San Marino”? And what are your thoughts on an Andorran Eurovision return – do you think it will ever happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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