Surprises lie ahead in the Portuguese Performance

May 9, 2021


On the eve of the Portuguese delegation’s departure to Rotterdam, host city of Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Tatanka, lead singer of The Black Mamba and composer of “Love Is On My Side”, promised in an interview with Sapo 24 several changes in the staging of the performance. “It will change a lot, it will be a pleasant surprise” he assured, revealing more details about the performance, “I have already seen the stand-in, with people pretending that it is us on stage and with several plans. It is a gigantic scene, it has nothing to do to what we did in the final of Festival da Canção. But we will not be tempted to overproduce … We have a simple, direct song with a clear message. And we will keep things as simple as possible, trying to take advantage of the equipment paraphernalia that we have at our disposal. And that we will never have again in life. We will keep the scene classy, ​​simple, without big show off”.

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