Summer is not over yet as Miki Núñez presents two new versions of his song “Eterno Verano”

| August 14, 2020

Are you still looking for refreshing summer melodies? Well here you have it! On July 31, Miki released his two new versions of his song “Eterno Verano”.

Both versions are part of his debut album “Amuza”. Eterno Verano is a revamp of the version he has released last year in collaboration with Nil Moliner, Adrià Salas de La Pegatina and Arnau Griso. The second version of the song, “Un estiu que no s’acaba”, was published in Catalan at the same time as the revamp.

In Eterno Verano (Eternal Summer), Miki describes the summer with all its advantages and disadvantages and notes that “Doing nothing is already too much” (“No hacer nada ya es demasiado”). The song is at the same time very refreshing and conveys a lot of positivity, just like his Eurovision 2019 song, “La Venda”.

Spain's history in Eurovision

Spain joined the Eurovision family in 1961. Since then they have taken part in 59 editions, and won 2 contests. In 1968 with Massiel’s La, La, La, and the year later, in 1969 Salomé was one of the four winning acts with her song Vivo Cantando. Spain has hosted the contest once, in 1969. Apart from winning the contest twice, Spain has 5 other top 3 placements. Some of Spain’s most memorable entries include Eres Tú (1973), Un Bloodymary (2006) and Quédate Conmigo (2012). Blas Cantó was selected to represent Spain in Rotterdam before the contest got cancelled.

What do you think about Miki’s two versions of Eterno Verano? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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