Sudden Lights continue to release music with new single “Mēs turpināmies”

June 27, 2023



Sudden Lights are back with a brand new song "Mēs turpināmies" (We Continue).

There’s no stopping Sudden Lights as they continue to release new music. Just over one month since their Eurovision journey came to an end, the Latvian indie-rock band have just released a Latvian-language song “Mēs turpināmies” (We Continue). The song is available on streaming platforms and YouTube.

This follows on from their Eurovision hit “Aijā” and “Backwards In Time”, an English language song released at the beginning of May this year.

All of the band members have worked on the music of the song together, with lead singer Andrejs providing the lyrics. Andrejs explains how “Mēs turpināmies” came about:

“The song was written this spring as a statement from Sudden Lights that we are not going to stop, regardless of the opinions or expectations of those around us. It happened in parallel with participation in Eurovision, which caused us different emotions, made us look back on what we have done and redefine for ourselves, why we create music at all. “Mēs turpināmies” is our statement that we are here to stay, and we are preparing new surprises for our listeners.”

The music video for the song, directed by Tīna Zariņa, sees the band performing a live concert in their living room without an audience. It has been partially filmed in reverse, symbolising the songs restrospective message.

Alongside the release of the new song, Sudden Lights have also announced their first outdoor show, and most ambitious concert to date. The band will be performing at Mežapark’s Green Theatre on September 16th, in what will be the bands biggest produced show in Latvia to date. They have also announced that they are preparing to visit Estonia, Germany and Lithuania this summer to perform in various summer festivals.

It was second time lucky for Sudden Lights this year as they went on to win Supernova and take “Aijā” to Eurovision 2023. They just narrowly missed out on a place in the final, finishing in 11th place with 34 points in semi final one.

The band has previously received five nominations for Latvian music recording of the year at the Golden Microphone Awards for their latest album “Miljards vasaru”. They have also achieved second place for their song “Laternas”, in “Musicālā Banka”, a survey of Latvian radio songs.

Have you heard Sudden Lights new song “Mēs turpināmies” yet? Will you be going to see them perform live this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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