Stefania has recorded five songs for Eurovision 2021

| October 12, 2020

Eurovision Fun have reported that Stefania has recorded a total of five potential songs for Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdanm.

Stefania has been working with the Dream Team on her 2021 entry, just as she did for Superg!rl in 2020. The production of the demos for each of the five songs is expected to take place in the coming days, with the Dream Team working on the style and orchestration of the backing tracks.

It is not yet know if Stefania’s 2021 entry will be chosen internally, or if there will be a national final with all five songs, similar to Demy in 2017 and Roxen in 2020 for Romania.

Are you excited to hear Stefania’s song for Eurovision 2021? Would you like to see something similar or different to Superg!rl? Let us know in the comments below!

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