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Stand in artist for Go_A to join them in Semi-Final One

| May 15, 2021

Emmie van Stijn, who was stand-in artist for Go_A’s 2nd rehearsal whilst frontwoman Kateryna Pavlenko was unwell, will be part of Go_A’s Green Room team during Semi-final 1 on Tuesday evening. 

Due to Kateryna feeling unwell, there was a doubt that she would be okay to perform on Tuesday evening, the 18th of May at the semi final. Kateryna did a COVID test and her results came back negative, so therefore she will perform on Tuesday evening.

Emmie revealed that she was on her way to work when she was asked to be the stand-in for Kateryna on Wednesday. Emmie had been one of the stand-in artists for rehearsals prior to this year’s competitors arriving in Rotterdam. And she explained that:

" I was on the metro and then my guide called to ask if I happened to have time. I actually indicated that I was unavailable this week because I had to work. Then my guide told me that the singer was sick and that I had to come because I was the only one who knew the act. Otherwise, someone else would have to learn the song completely phonetically in two hours, and that was almost impossible. "

Emmie had been due to work a shift at Taco Bell and be as quick as possible to get permission from boss to skip her shift. She was so caught off guard that she needed her parents to take as quick as possible her pass to get into the Ahoy from home to the venue and quickly have a COVID test.

Little bit about Go_A

Go_A is a folktronica group that was formed in Kyiv in 2012. The band is made up of Kateryna Pavlenko (vocalist), Taras Shevchenko (multi-instrumentalist), Ihor Didenchuk (sopiklar), and Ivan Hrihoryak (guitar). And use diffrent instrumentation from all across the world.

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