Spirit in the Stars? KEiiNO’s Fred Buljo to compete in Norway’s ‘Dancing with the stars’

| August 17, 2020

Alexandra Rotan of Norway’s 2019 entrant KEiiNO announced that her joiking band partner Fred Buljo is set to compete in ‘Skal vi danse’, the Norwegian version of ‘Dancing with the stars’ starting on September 5th. 

Alexandra made a joke saying that she hopes to see Fred dancing during future KEiiNO concerts while Fred explained he’s trying his best on the Norwegian TV show.

In 2006 ‘Skal vi danse’ started airing on the Norwegian broadcaster TV2 and they will show their 16th season in 2020. Earlier in the show’s history other former norwegian eurovision stars entered the competition. 

Former eurovision and MGP contestants who entred the show are Guri Schanke, Elisabeth Andreassen, Tone Damli, Tor Endersen, Maria Haukaas, Stella Mwangi, Agnete, and Adelen.

Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest

Norway joined the Eurovision family in 1960 and has appeared in 58 contests ever since, only missing the 1970 and 2002 contests. Norway has won the contest three times. In 1985 with ‘La det swinge’, ten years later, in 1995, Secret Garden took the trophy home with ‘Nocturne’. Norway’s most recent winner is Alexander Rybak who won the contest in 2009 with his song ‘Fairytale’. Norway has finished in the top five on eleven occasions but they also finished last on eleven occasions with the latest being in 2012 with Tooji’s ‘Stay’. Some of norways most memorable entries include ‘I evighet’ (1986), ‘Alvedansen’ (2006), ‘I feed you my love’ (2013) and ‘A monster like me’ (2015). Ulrikke was selected to represent Norway in 2020 before the contest got cancelled. Norway also have tried their luck at Junior Eurovision three times from 2003 until 2005 with the best result being third in 2005 with the song ‘Summer Og Skolefri’.

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