Greece: Speculation over Stefania’s Eurovision 2021 staging “Something never seen at the contest”

April 10, 2021

Stefania Greece ESC 2021


Speculation about Stefania's performance roam around Dutch media

As we edge closer to the contest in Rotterdam, we start thinking about how entries will be staged. Now, how Greek representative Stefania’s staging will be like has been roaming around Dutch media.

The rumour mill started when Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, the head of the organizing committee of Eurovision 2021, stated that one of the entries this year will bring something new to the contest.

According to Dutch news outlet AD, he stated:

“Of course I don't mention names, but there is, for example, an act that didn't catch my eye at first, but of which I know that they are going to take a lot of risk with their stage presentation. That will be a challenge for our direction. I saw video footage of it from a small gym somewhere in Europe. If their plans work, it will be something that I know has never been done before. ''

Now, according to Dutch journalist Katja Zwart from another Dutch news outlet De Telegraafperformance that van de Nieuwenhuijzen was alluding to was indeed the Greek representative Stefania.

There has been more rumours about how the performance could include aspects of Stefania’s music video, such as mythical creature Pegasus. However, no confirmation has been made from the Greek delegation.

Stefania Greece ESC 2021

Greece in Eurovision

Since making its debut in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, Greece has participated 40 times, missing only 6 contests. After getting 3rd place in 2001 and 2004, Greece’s first victory came in 2005 when Helena Paparizou sang My Number One. She brought the contest to Athens in 2006. Some of Greece’s most memorable entries include (I Would) Die For You (2001), Secret Combination (2008) and Better Love (2019).

Dutch-Greek singer Stefania was selected to represent Greece in the 2020 contest prior to cancellation. She is set to represent Greece again in 2021 with the song Last Dance.

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