Spanish Head of Delegation joins Junior Eurovision Steering Group

March 24, 2021


It has been confirmed by the EBU that Spanish Head of Delegation, Ana María Bordas, has joined the Steering Group for Junior Eurovision.

Ana María Bordas joins Olga Salamakha from Belarus, Alexandra Redde from France, Natia Mshvenieradze from Georgia, Marta Piekarska from Poland, Carla Bugalho from Portugal, Ekaterina Orlova from Russia, Anja Zegwaard from The Netherlands and Martin Österdahl who is representing the EBU.

The Steering Group is an executive committee in which all of its members are in charge of supervising and guiding the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The group usually meets four to five times a year, to discuss and make decisions on all things Junior Eurovision.

Are you excited for Junior Eurovision 2021? Which French city do you think we will be going to for the contest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Please let me know when the following countries announce a comeback at Junior Eurovision 2021.

    🇦🇲 Armenia
    🇧🇪 Belgium, but with its Walloonian broadcaster RTBF taking over
    🇧🇬 Bulgaria
    🇮🇹 Italy
    🇳🇴 Norway, but with TV2 taking over
    🇵🇹 Portugal
    🇸🇪 Sweden

    Thank you in advance.

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