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Spain: RTVE starting to work on Benidorm Fest 2023

June 9, 2022


Spain is already preparing for its national selection for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. After the third place obtained by Chanel, the country has seemed to regain some confidence regarding its participation in the European competition. Eva Mora, head of the Spanish delegation spoke about the future edition of Benidorm Fest. 

“The first thing we have done after landing from Turin has been to meet to work on what Benidorm Fest 2023 is going to be. We are reviewing the bases, the number of galas, the dates… We are working on that path“. To do this, several actions have been discussed by RTVE. In particular, studies should be considered to capture the tastes of European audiences in order to determine what would be more successful abroad.

María Eizaguirre, communication director of RTVE, confirms that the first meeting has been held to discuss the Spanish national selection. The delegation promises to do what is necessary to attract the best artists in the country.We want everyone to want to be at the Benidrom Fest. From here they are invited to participate because in Spain there is a lot of talent. The Benidorm Fest has to be the engine of the music industry in this country” 

Some format changes are to be considered, in particular the percentages of the jury vote and the televote, which has been the subject of much controversy this year. “You always have to tweak things, modify something. The issue of juries has generated much controversy, but the existence of a professional jury is essential” advanced Eva Mora. 

According to Eva, the jury also brings a more “specialized” look to the contest. “You cannot leave an international proposal in the hands of televoting because we, as people, do not have that perspective to assess a proposal, we let ourselves be carried away more by passion and by tastes”. Also, the head of delegation adds that the choice of songs must reflect plurality, diversity and parity. 

The Spanish selection, which will most likely be held once again next year, is likely to surprise once again. Will Spain succeed in finding an artist to do better than Chanel and bring back the trophy? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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