Spain publishes the new video of “Voy a quedarme”

| March 8, 2021

Spain has published this morning the new video of “Voy a quedarme”, the song that Blas Cantó will sing at Eurovision 2021. A totally different video from the one recorded a month ago for the presentation of the songs and that, according to the singer’s words, immerse the audience in his memories.

The new video for “Voy a quedarme” has been published this morning on the website of Spanish public television, RTVE. In this video Blas Cantó visually shares the emotion and the message of hope that he wants to convey with his song. “I wanted to tell the real story behind the song. For me it is important to communicate it visually and it has been very exciting to record it”, explains Blas Cantó on RTVE.

Each shot evokes the person we lost but who in a certain way will always be with us. Thus, Blas Cantó meets the presence of his grandmother, who died due to COVID-19. A moving scene that ends with a heartfelt hug that you will never forget. “It is a song of universal and unconditional love […] I think there are many things that are happening in the video clip that I would like to see happen, but they are left behind and are only in my memories “, tells Blas.

The singer explains that he is happy with the final result of the video, in which he has been able to work with complete freedom and contribute ideas. An intimate and delicate production by Alicia del Viso. “Alicia is very creative and I like to record with her because she is aware of everything and takes great care in all her work. In addition, she is open to suggestions. I have felt very comfortable working with the whole team”, says Blas.

She also praises Blas’s work and tells how special this video is for her because the elements and resources she has used in the recording are symbolic and tell a part of the protagonist’s story. “I think we have done something very beautiful. Through the video, the audience will accompany Blas on a journey through his memories, his childhood and his past”, explains Alicia.

Do you like the new video of “Voy a quedarme”? What do you expect from this song in Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo source: Steven Bernhard


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