Spain completes the list of finalists for Benidorm Fest 2022

January 27, 2022



Second night of the Benidorm Fest 2022 has been a complete success. Spain has once again given us an exciting semi-final that has had four artists classified and they complete the panel of artists for the final: Rigoberta Bandini, Rayden, Xeinn and Gonzalo Hermida. 

A total of 7 songs have competed on the stage of the Palau D’Esports L’Illa (Benidorm) for their pass to the final on Saturday, one more than the previous night. Again, only four have managed to get a little closer to the bronze trophy and the passport that can take them to Turin next May. These four songs are:

  1. “Ay, mama” – Rigoberta Bandini (111 points).
  2. “Calle de la llorería” – Rayden (90 points).
  3. “Eco” – Xeinn (81 points).
  4. “Quién lo diría” – Gonzalo Hermida* (76 points).


Despite their great songs, the three songs eliminated in this semi-final are:

  • “Sigues en mi mente” – Marta Sango (63 points).
  • “Culpa” – Javiera Mena (50 points).
  • “Make you say” – Sara Deop (49 points).


*Due to a COVID-19 infection, Gonzalo Hermida has not been able to perform live. Instead, because he got infected before the first rehearsals, his official video has been shown.

Sara Deop, Rayden, Rigoberta Bandini, Marta Sango, Xeinn, Gonzalo Hermida and Javiera Mena at the Benidorm Fest press conference (Photo: RTVE)

As in the first semi-final, the decision of the pass to the final has been decided by a combination of professional votes and public votes that has been divided as follows:

  • 30% National jury: Natalia Calderón (singer and vocal coach), Miryam Benedited (dancer and choreographer) and Estefanía García (coordinator of the RTVE Orchestra and Choir).
  • 20% International jury: Marvin Dietmann (creative and artistic director) and Felix Bergsson (head of the Icelandic delegation at Eurovision).
  • 25% Demoscopic jury: Sample of 350 people who represent Spanish society, chosen according to statistical and demographic criteria.*
  • 25% Televoting: Phone calls and SMS.

*The demoscopic jury has been selected by Ipsos, the company that also organizes the demoscopic jury in Sanremo. The 430 people chosen (350 + 80 reserve) are not related to the recording industry, the television sector, journalism, advertising professionals or market research.

The breakdown of the vote is as follows:

Professional jury:

  1. Rigoberta Bandini (56 points).
  2. Xeinn (46 points).
  3. Rayden (45 points).
  4. Marta Sango (36 points).
  5. Javiera Mena (28 points).
  6. Gonzalo Hermida (28 points).
  7. Sara Deop (21 points).

· Demoscopic jury:

  1. Gonzalo Hermida (30 points).
  2. Rigoberta Bandini (25 points).
  3. Rayden (20 points).
  4. Sara Deop (18 points).
  5. Xeinn (15 points).
  6. Marta Sango (12 points).
  7. Javiera Mena (10 points).

· Televoting:

  1. Rigoberta Bandini (30 points).
  2. Rayden (25 points).
  3. Xeinn (20 points).
  4. Gonzalo Hermida (18 points).
  5. Marta Sango (15 points).
  6. Javiera Mena (12 points).
  7. Sara Deop (10 points).

The grand final of Benidorm Fest 2022 will take place this Saturday, 29th January, at 22:10 CET and a total of 8 songs will compete in it. Ordered from highest to lowest score achieved in the semifinals, these songs are:

  • “Ay, mama” – Rigoberta Bandini (111 points).
  • “SloMo” – Chanel (110 points).
  • “Terra” – Tanxugueiras (93 points).
  • “Calle de la llorería” – Rayden (90 points).
  • “Eco” – Xeinn (81 points).
  • “Secreto de agua” – Blanca Paloma (79 points).
  • “Quién lo diría” – Gonzalo Hermida (76 points).
  • “Raffaella” – Varry Brava (74 points).


What do you think of this second semi-final of the Benidorm Fest 2022? Did you like the show? Has your favorite been classified? Who is your favourite for winning the contest? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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