Spain chooses “Voy a quedarme” for Eurovision 2021

| February 20, 2021

Two songs, a show full of friends, and a passport to Rotterdam. This has been “Destino Eurovisión”, the national final in which Spain has chosen the song that Blas Cantó will sing at Eurovision 2021. Finally, Eurovision fans have decided that “Voy a quedarme” will represent Spain.

This year, Eurovision fans from any country have been able to choose the song for Spain. Through phone calls, SMS, the web and the Eurovision TVE APP they have chosen “Voy a Quedarme” with 58% of the votes to represent Spain in Rotterdam.

In addition to his proposals for Rotterdam, we have also been able to listen to Blas Cantó and some of his great friends in the world of Spanish music. Among the artists who have accompanied him tonight were Pastora Soler (2012) and Edurne (2015) and the successful singer-songwriter Vanesa Martín, very close friend of Blas.

About "Voy a quedarme"

Voy a quedarme (I’m going to stay) is a ballad composed by Blas with Leroy Sánchez, Daniel Ortega ‘Dangelo’ and Dan Hammond. Blas defined his song as an “Incredible power ballad charged with emotion“. The singer already imagines himself singing this song in Rotterdam and has indicated that he would like to “Start singing without music, a cappella, so that even the smallest breath can be heard“.

Photo: Raúl Tejedor (RTVE)

Was “Voy a quedarme” your favorite option for Eurovision 2021? What do you expect from this song in Rotterdam? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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