Spain chooses the first four finalists of the Benidorm Fest 2022

January 26, 2022


The first night of the Benidorm Fest 2022 has been a complete success. Spain has released its new national selection with an exciting first semi-final that has had four artists classified: Chanel, Tanxugueiras, Blanca Paloma and Varry Brava.

A total of 6 songs have competed on the stage of the Palau D’Esports L’Illa (Benidorm) for their pass to the final on Saturday, but only four have managed to get a little closer to the bronze trophy and the passport that can take them to Turin next May. These four songs are:

  1. “SloMo” – Chanel (110 points).
  2. “Terra” – Tanxugueiras (93 points).
  3. “Secreto de agua” – Blanca Paloma (79 points).
  4. “Raffaella” – Varry Brava (74 points).


Despite their great performances, the songs eliminated from the competition are:

  • “Postureo” – Azúcar Moreno (69 points).
  • “Mejores” – Unique (55 points).


The decision of the pass to the final has been decided by a combination of professional votes and public votes that has been divided as follows:

  • 30% National jury: Natalia Calderón (singer and vocal coach), Miryam Benedited (dancer and choreographer) and Estefanía García (coordinator of the RTVE Orchestra and Choir).
  • 20% International jury: Marvin Dietmann (creative and artistic director) and Felix Bergsson (head of the Icelandic delegation at Eurovision).
  • 25% Demoscopic jury*: Sample of 350 people who represent Spanish society, chosen according to statistical and demographic criteria.
  • 25% Televoting: Phone calls and SMS.

*The demoscopic jury has been selected by Ipsos, the company that also organizes the demoscopic jury in Sanremo. The 430 people chosen (350 + 80 reserve) are not related to the recording industry, the television sector, journalism, advertising professionals or market research.

Blanca Paloma, Chanel, Tanxugueiras and Varry Brava (Photo: CROPPER)

The breakdown of the vote is as follows:

· Professional jury:

  1. “SloMo” – Chanel: 55 points.
  2. “Secreto de agua” – Blanca Paloma: 41 points.
  3. “Raffaella” – Varry Brava: 39 points.
  4. “Postureo” – Azúcar Moreno: 39 points.
  5. “Terra” – Tanxugueiras: 38 points.
  6. “Mejores” – Unique: 28 points.

· Demoscopic jury:

  1. “SloMo” – Chanel: 30 points.
  2. “Terra” – Tanxugueiras: 25 points.
  3. “Secreto de agua” – Blanca Paloma: 20 points.
  4. “Postureo” – Azúcar Moreno: 18 points.
  5. “Raffaella” – Varry Brava: 15 points.
  6. “Mejores” – Unique: 12 points.

· Televoting:

  1. “Terra” Tanxugueiras: 30 points.
  2. “SloMo” – Chanel: 25 points.
  3. “Raffaella” – Varry Brava: 20 points.
  4. “Secreto de agua” – Blanca Paloma: 18 points.
  5. “Mejores” – Unique: 15 points.
  6. “Postureo” – Azúcar Moreno: 12 points.

The second semi-final will take place this Thursday at the same time (22:40 CET) and a total of 7 songs will compete in it:

  • “Eco” – Xeinn.
  • “Sigues en mi mente” – Marta Sango.
  • “Culpa” – Javiera Mena.
  • “Quién lo diría” – Gonzalo Hermida.
  • “Ay mama” – Rigoberta Bandini.
  • “Calle de la llorería” – Rayden.
  • “Make you say” – Sara Deop.

What do you think of this first semi-final of the Benidorm Fest 2022? Did you like the show? Has your favorite been classified? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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