So congratulations, I have arrived! Will we see these countries making a Eurovision debut?

| October 19, 2020

As one can see, Eurovision could include many more countries than they already have at the moment. In general, it can be said that a longer absence could lead to a lower chance of return, which we have seen with countries such as Turkey, Luxembourg and Andorra, among many others.

Countries such as the Czech Republic however, have demonstrated that you can come back to the competition after several years and accomplish impressive results, such as the 6th place in 2018 from Mikolas Josef with his song “Lie To Me”. In this article, we will look at potential newcomers to the contest.


Kazakhstan has been an associate member of the EBU since 2016, and therefore doesn’t have the right by itself to participate in the contest. However, Australia has shown that it is possible to permanently participate in the contest even if you’re on the other side of the world (and only an associate member!).

In addition to that, Kazakhstan have already proved their musical potential in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest where they debuted in 2018 with a 6th place finish, and went on to finish in 2nd place in 2019.

Even though Kazakhstan has a huge interest in participating in the “big” contest, the EBU hasn’t invited them to the contest yet. Considering that Kazakhstan is considered as a European country in sport events such as the UEFA, it can be expected that Kazakhstan will be part of the Eurovision Song Contest at some point in the future. If many countries withdraw due to Covid-19 or for financial reasons, there could be a high chance to invite Kazakhstan, to keep the number of participating countries high.

Debuting possibility: 50%


The small state nestled between Switzerland and Austria has tried to get into Eurovision for decades. In 1976, Liechtenstein even announced the song “My Little Cowboy” by Biggi Bachmann as their representative. In the end, they weren’t able to participate due to a missing membership in the EBU (which is still the main issue in 2020).

1FL TV, the Liechtenstein broadcaster, have attempted several times in the past, but has failed until now, mostly because of financial reasons and EBU membership issues. In addition to that, Liechtenstein hasn’t really shown much interest in a participation lately.

Debuting possibility: 5%


After it’s declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008, Kosovo has tried many years to enter the contest. One of the main reasons for them participating would be for the recognition of Kosovo as an independent country.

However, countries such as Serbia still deny their independence, which causes many troubles in terms of a participation. In addition to that, Kosovo doesn’t have a broadcasting channel as a a member of the EBU. Therefore, Kosovo has the same problem as Liechtenstein about a participation in general.

Also, considering that only 114 out of 193 countries in the world have accepted the independence of Kosovo so far, and many participating countries in Europe still don’t accept their independence, a participation is more unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Debuting possibility: 1%

Vatican City:

Next to Liechtenstein, the Vatican City is the only fully recognized state in Europe who hasn’t participated in the contest. Even though RV (Radio Vatikan) is a full member of the EBU and has therefore the right to participate in the contest, the smallest existing nation has never shown any interest in the contest.

Considering that the Eurovision Song Contest is known for the big presence of the LGBTQ+ community, with both fans and participants, there is no chance the Vatican City, a very holy and religious place, will ever participate.

Debuting possibility: 0%

In contrast to the Danish representative of 2019, Leonora, Eurovision does get political sometimes. Next to financial reasons, political concerns and issues are the main reasons why many potential countries don’t participate in Eurovision at the moment. But, only time will tell whether or not we will see at least some of these countries making their Eurovision debut.

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  1. You need to check your facts. So called Kosovo has been recognised only by 98 UN members. Also 12 countries who are actively participating in the Eurovision Song Contest do not recognise it as an independent country.

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