North Macedonia: Six finalists for Za Evrosong have been revealed

January 21, 2022


The North Macedonian broadcaster, MRT, have revealed the names of the six acts, and their songs, that will be competing in the country’s Eurovision 2022 national final, Za Evrosong.

  • Kalay (Kalina Velkovska) – “Love and Light”
  • Yon Idy – “Dreams”
  • Lara Ivanova – “Flower of Sorrow”
  • Viktor Apostolovski – “Superman”
  • Andrea Koevska – “Circles”
  • Ris Flower (Boris Cvetanovski) – “Flying To Berlin”

The broadcaster received a total of 47 submissions for Za Evrosong, which have been shortlisted to just six finalists by a seven-member expert panel made up of MRT music editors and journalists:

  • Aleksandra Jovanovska
  • Ardita Imeri
  • Biljana Nikolovska
  • Jana Burčeska (North Macedonia 2017)
  • Maja Trpchanovska
  • Meri Popova
  • Zoran Mircevski

All of the six songs will be revealed on January 28th during the music programme Stisni Play on MRT 1 at 22:00 CET. During the show, lyric videos will accompany each song. Once all songs have been revealed, online voting will open, and will remain open until February 4th. The winner will be decided by a 50/50 mix of online voting and international jury voting.

2022 marks the first time since 2013 that North Macedonia will use a national final to select their Eurovision act. The last North Macedonian act to be selected through a national final was Kaliopi in 2012, when she brought the nation 13th place in the final with her song “Crno i Belo”. From 2013 onwards, the country has opted for internal selections.

Are you excited for Za Evrosong? Which songs are you most looking forward to hearing? Let us know in the comments below!

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