Sietse Bakker aims for Eurovision 2021 final to be no longer than 3 hours 45 minutes

April 21, 2021

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Rotterdam


In an interview with RTL nieuws, Executive Producer of Eurovision 2021, Sietse Bakker, has said that he would like to keep the grand final of this years contest to a minimum of at least 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Sietse mentions that he and his production team are aiming for the final to be shorter than it was in 2019, which saw the final going on for more than four hours. “let’s try to finish the final well before 1 am… I think we can go to bed at 00.45. And then we have a winner.”

Sietse goes on to say that he and his team hope to have a shorter interval act, especially compared with the interval act we saw in Tel Aviv in 2019, which went on for over one hour. “The one with Madonna may have felt like ten years, but that’s another story. We said we’re not going to do that.”

In more recent years, we have seen the grand final of Eurovision increasing in length, and going on for much longer. The longest Eurovision grand finals took place in 2015 and 2019, when the show was 3 hours 59 minutes and 4 hours 11 minutes respectively.

Do you think that Eurovision grand finals are too long? Do you think Sietse Bakker and his team will meet their aim of 3 hours 45 minutes? Let us know in the comments below!

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