She‘s a heartbreaker! Roxen releases new single ‘How to break a heart’

| August 17, 2020

Roxen who was due to represent Romania in 2020 and will also in 2021, has dropped a new single called ‘How to break a heart’. In this mid tempo pop song she tells that you should not push it too far or otherwise you’ll be told how to break a heart.

She also presented the music video to the song which shows a refreshing and different new side of her compared to ‘Alcohol You’ which was her Eurovision 2020 entry for Rotterdam.

‘How to break a heart’ is Roxen’s first release via Warner Music Group which cooperated with her music label Global records.

You can listen to her new song down below!

Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest

Romania debuted in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. In 1993 they attempted to join the contest but they didn’t make it through the pre-selection to participate. Since then Romania has attended twenty contests. Although Romania has never won the Eurovision Song Contest, they won the Semi Final in 2005 and came third overall. In 2010 Paula Seling and Ovi also finished third overall with their song ‘Playing with fire’. The duo returned in 2014 where they finished twelfth. Some of Romania’s most memorable songs include Torneró (2006), The Balkan Girls (2009), It’s my Life (2013) and Yodel it! (2017). Roxen was selected to sing her song ‘Alcohol You’ at Eurovision 2020 before the contest got cancelled.

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