Sergey Lazarev and Ani Lorak release exciting new single “Не отпускай”!

September 5, 2021


Не отпускай/Don’t Let Go, the new duet from Sergey and Ani Lorak, is available!

The two superstars of the Russian music industry have joined forces to release a new single. Representing Ukraine in 2008 with “Shady Lady” where she finished 2nd, Ani Lorak is a popular artist in many european countries and among euro fans. Sergey Lazarev represented Russia in the contest twice, in 2016 and in 2019 finishing 3rd.

This song is a powerful ballad in which they sing about their will to keep going on in their relationship rather than letting it go when facing difficulties. On her instagram account, Ani Lorak explained the meaning of the song : “If you are lucky enough to meet ‘your’ person, hold them tight. Love and don’t let go of your love. Let this song become a hymn to all loving hearts.

Let’s listen to this new single and give us your thoughts on this one! Would you like to see Ani Lorak or Sergey Lazarev representing their countries again?

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