Sergej Ćetković spreads positivity and love with new single “Vratile Se Ptice”

| July 30, 2020

“The birds have returned”

In times of uncertainty and global pandemic, everyone needs that glimmer of hope and direction that better days are approaching. Sergej Ćetković’s new single, “Vratile Se Ptice” hopes to provide comfort and solace that everything will return to before after difficult times the world is facing right now. 

“Vratile Se Ptice” loosely translates to “The birds are back” which is an emotional ballad inspired by Sergej’s time spent in isolation due to the coronavirus. The beautifully written lyrics are inspired by love, the sea, happiness and memories of the past. You can listen to the song here: 

Sergej jokes that the song happened unplanned!

“One night, with a piano and a glass of wine, I was working on sections of some of the compositions I was planning for a new album, and at one point I interrupted it all and wrote this ballad, which just confirms that inspiration often happens unexpectedly and that some songs find their way to his performer, and I believe to the heart of the audience”

Sergej’s connection with Eurovision

Sergej Ćetković represented Montenegro at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenghagen with “Moj svijet”. It is the first time Montenegro has qualified to the finals and his song eventually finished in the 19th position, getting 12 points from Armenia and North Macedonia. 

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