Senhit continues her #freakytriptorotterdam with ‘Congratulations’ cover

| October 1, 2020

Congratulations and celebrations to Senhit, who celebrates her birthday with a new release! The San Marinese singer has treated us all to a cover of Cliff Richard’s iconic song from Eurovision 1968, Congratulations.

This is not the first Eurovision cover that Senhit has done in her #freakytriptorotterdam series. In fact, it’s cover song number 4, after “Ding-A-Dong” (Netherlands 1975); “Everyway That I Can” (Turkey 2003) and “Insiemme: 1992” (Italy 1990). For her cover of Congratulations, she has worked with Luca Tommassini to help bring her vision to life.

Speaking of her new cover song, Senhit has said “This new chapter of the #FreakyTripToRotterdam is the vision of what would happen if Federico Fellini and David Bowie would join my birthday party.”

Senhit made her Eurovision debut in 2011, singing the beautiful ballad “Stand By”. Unfortunatley, she failed to to qualify to the final, finishing in 16th place in the semi final. Senhit was later confirmed as San Marino’s 2020 representative with her catchy pop-dance song “Freaky”, but due to the cancellation of the contest, she was unable to have her moment (again) on the Eurovision stage. So now Senhit will be returning to Eurovision 2021 for San Marino, but at this moment, we do not know any details about what sort of song she will be singing in Rotterdam.

What do you think of Senhit’s cover of Congratulations? And what has been your favourite Senhit cover song so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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