Sarah Dawn Finer would love to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision!

| August 27, 2020

She’s a Swedish superstar and creator of the made-up EBU spokesperson we all came to know and love in Eurovision. And yes, she would love to represent the United Kingdom at The Eurovision Song Contest!

Sarah Dawn Finer, a.k.a. Lynda Woodruff, has been very in touch with the Eurovision hullaballoo recently, as she attended a Melodifestivalen songwriting camp. She, however, clarified on Twitter last Saturday that she was just invited to the writing camp as a song writer and not as a performer. She followed this up with another tweet sharing her hope of representing the United Kingdom in Europe’s beloved song contest, as a response to a fan commenting she is representing the country.

Sarah was introduced to the Eurovision radar when she participated in Melodifestivalen in 2007 and 2009, where she ended up in a respectable fourth and sixth place respectively with her powerful ballads. Her 2007 entry “I Remember Love” enjoyed success in her home country, being certified gold. Moreover, her 2009 entry “Moving On” qualified to the finals through Andra Chansen and went on to become the most played song on Swedish radio that year. At that same year, she presented the Swedish votes in the Eurovision Grand Final as her alter ego, Lynda Woodruff.

Sarah then went on to make further waves in Melodifestivalen when she co-hosted in 2012, where she took on the character of Lynda Woodruff in a pre-recorded sketch. The character continued to bring comic relief to Eurovision in 2012 when she presented the Swedish votes again.

Aside from Eurovision, Melodifestivalen and bringing us all comedy gold with her made-up character Lynda Woodruff, Sarah has released many hit singles and albums in Sweden, has been in numerous musicals and even dabbled in television hosting.

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