Sanremo Campioni Acts to be revealed 17th December 2020!

| November 22, 2020

The acts competing in Sanremo 2021 will be revealed on the 17th December 2020, live from Sanremo Casino and broadcasted on Italian TV channel RAI 1. The 20 participants revealed will be for the Big Artists category (Campioni). 

In recent days there has been rumours surrounding when Sanremo will be held in 2021. The mayor of Sanremo, Alberto Biancheri, denied rumours that the festival would be delayed to April 2021. He explained “There is no such request. I don’t know where this news came from. We are working with Rai to have the Festival in the first week of March. Then we will evaluate with Rai itself how the situation will be in January and decide. For now it is confirmed in March.”

As it currently stands, Sanremo will be held between 2nd-6th March 2021.

Who will represent Italy at Eurovision 2021?

The rules of Sanremo 2021 states the winner will get the first refusal to represent Italy at Eurovision 2021. Italy will continue to select its representative from the Sanremo Music Festival. Italy returned to Eurovision in 2011 after a 14 year absence. From 2011-2013, a jury would select a competing artist from Sanremo, that expressed interest in competing at Eurovision prior the festival. After internally selecting Emma Marrone in 2014, Italy returned to selecting their entrant via Sanremo in 2015, with a new rule where the winner was given first rights of refusal. All winners, except for in 2016 when winners Stadio refused right, have gone onto representing Italy at Eurovision the same year.

It is unknown whether Sanremo 2020 winner and Italy’s Eurovision 2020 representative Diodato will compete again in Sanremo 2021. If Diodato does not get announced as a participant for Sanremo 2021, it will confirm a non-return to Eurovision for the artist.

Are you excited for the return of Sanremo in 2021? Do you think Diodato will return to Sanremo in 2021? Let us know in the comments blow!

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