Sanremo 2023: Marco Mengoni wins with the song “Due vite”

February 12, 2023

Marco Mengoni


Marco Mengoni won the 73rd edition of Sanremo, and his participation in Eurovision in Liverpool will officially be confirmed only on Sunday morning at the RAI press conference, although he is rumoured to have already accepted. In case he refused, the runner-up Lazza will be offered.

Tonight, the televote result was added to the ranking from the previous nights to establish the final scoreboard up to 6th place.

A new round of votes, consisting of 34% televote, 33% demoscopic jury and 33% press jury, decided the final top 5, completing the final scoreboard as follows:

  1. Marco Mengoni
  2. Lazza
  3. Mr. Rain
  4. Ultimo
  5. Tananai
  6. Giorgia
  7. Madame
  8. Rosa Chmical
  9. Elodie
  10. Colapesce e Dimartino
  11. Modà
  12. Gianluca Grignani
  13. Coma_Cose
  14. Ariete
  15. LDA
  16. Articolo 31
  17. Paola e Chiara
  18. Leo Gassmann
  19. Mara Sattei
  20. Colla zio
  21. Cugini di Campagna
  23. Levante
  24. Olly
  25. Anna Oxa
  26. Will
  27. Shari
  28. Sethu
Special awards

“Mia Martini” Critics award to Colapesce Dimartino
“Lucio Dalla” Press award to Colapesce Dimartino
 “Sergio Bardotti” Best Lyrics award to Coma_Cose
“Giancarlo Bigazzi” Best Musical Composition award to Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni represented Italy at Eurovision 2013, with the song “L’essenziale”, ending in 7th place.

Picture: AGF

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