Sanremo 2021 presents half of its songs on its first night

| March 3, 2021

 The Sanremo Festival returns to the Ariston Theater after its toughest year. The 71st edition of this historic festival began tonight with a show full of music and emotional moments.

On this first night we were able to listen to 13 of the 26 songs in the “Campioni” category, the category linked to Eurovision. Among them, familiar faces from Sanremo and Eurovision stand out, such as Annalisa, Francesca Michielin and Fedez, Arisa and Aielo.

 Among the guests tonight we have been able to see the winner of Sanremo 2020 and representative of Italy in Eurovision 2020, Diodato. In addition, we have been able to see other stars of Italian music such as Loredana Bertè.

 But, without a doubt, the most emotional moment of the night was the presence of nurse Alessia Bonari, who went viral on social media last March after a post in which she told how hard the fight against COVID-19 was.

Photo source: AGI Agenzia Italia

In this show, the jury has evaluated the first 13 songs. The jury’s vote will have a final weight of 33%. At the moment, the provisional classification looks like this:

  1. Annalisa – «Dieci».
  2. Noemi – «Glicine».
  3. Fasma – «Parlami».
  4. Francesca Michelin e Fedez – «Chiamami per nome».
  5. Francesco Renga – «Quando trovo te».
  6. Arisa – «Potevi fa».
  7. Måneskin – «Zitti e buoni».
  8. Max Gazzè e La Trifluoperazina Monstery Band – «Il farmacista»
  9. Colapesce e Dimartino – «Musica leggerissima»
  10. Coma_Cose – «Fiamme negli occhi».
  11. Madame – «Voce».
  12. Ghemon – «Momento perfetto».
  13. Aiello – «Ora».

Listen to the first 13 songs of Sanremo 2021

Here are the videos of all the performances of the first night of Sanremo, arranged in alphabetical order:

Aiello - «Ora»
Arisa - «Potevi fa»
Annalisa - «Dieci»
Coma_Cose - «Fiamme negli occhi»
Colapesce e Dimartino - «Musica leggerissima»
Fasma - «Parlami»
Francesca Michelin e Fedez - «Chiamami per nome»
Francesco Renga - «Quando trovo te»
Ghemon - «Momento perfetto»
Madame - «Voce»
Måneskin - «Zitti e buoni»
Max Gazzè e La Trifluoperazina Monstery Band - «Il farmacista»
Noemi - Glicine

What is your favorite song from this “prima serata”? What do you think would be a good candidate for Eurovision 2021? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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Max Gazzè e La Trifluoperazina Monstery Band - «Il farmacista»

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