San Marino to find its voice in February 2023 as Una Voce per San Marino returns

August 20, 2022


It has been confirmed that Una Voce per San Marino will be returning in February 2023, with the final taking place on the 25th.

The show, which largely follows the same format as in 2022, will begin as early as October, with the Academy and Casting stage that runs from October 28 to January 27. This then takes us into February, where we see the second chance round and the grand final on the 25th at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana.

The show will be comprised of three semi finals for emerging international artists; one semi final for emerging Samarinese artists; one second chance round and one grand final.

In the final, the winner will be decided by a five-member jury panel. Two of these jurors will be chosen by San Marino RTV; another two will be chosen by the production company and the fifth juror will be chosen by Segreteria di Stato.

A total of 60 artists will qualify to the semi final stages, as chosen by a jury panel. In order to get to the semi final stage, all applicants must submit two songs on half-playback, and must be available to travel to San Marino during the casting stage. You can apply here.

Applicants must also pay a fee to participate: 100 euros if you apply before September 29th, 150 euros if you apply between October 1st and January 20, and just 50 euros for Samarinese citizens, if they apply before December 3rd.

Unlike in 2022, there will be no Established Artists section; thus, no artists will be directly invited to the final. However; established artists may be directly invited to the semi finals, and would therefore skip the casting rounds.

The full rules and regulations for Una Voce per San Marino 2023 can be found here.

Una Voce Per San Marino made its debut in 2022, after many years of the microstate going internal for Eurovision. The 2022 edition took place over a number of weeks, and saw an impressive 585 acts applying for the show.

After weeks of rehearsals, semi finals and a second chance round, we finally made it to the grand final, with 9 emerging acts and 9 established acts vying for the ticket to Turin. But it was Italian superstar Achille Lauro who rose victorious and took “Stripper” to Eurovision, where he finished in 14th place in Semi Final 2.

Are you excited for Una Voce Per San Marino 2023? Which acts would you like to see applying? Will you be applying yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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