San Marino to chose their Eurovision 2022 act through national final “Una voce per San Marino”?

April 5, 2021


San Marino TV have reported that the microstate’s representative for Eurovision 2022 will be chosen via a national final, Una Voce Per San Marino. The news has been revealed by the Secretariat of State for Tourism in San Marino; However, as of yet, there has been no official confirmation made by the Sammarinese broadcaster.

No other information has been given about San Marino’s selection for Eurovision 2022, only that there could be a national final in November 2021 to chose the representative of San Marino. It is unclear whether the song will also be chosen through the national final, or selected internally.

If Una Voce Per San Marino does go ahead in 2022, it will be only the second time in their Eurovision history that San Marino has used a national final to chose their Eurovision representative, the first time being in 2018 with 1in360. This competition was held to determine who would fly the Sammarinese flag in Lisbon, and was open to singers and songwriters from all over the world. After a grand final in Bratislava, Slovakia, Jessika Muscat from Malta and Jenifer Brening from Germany were crowned the winners with their song “Who We Are”.

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