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Russia reveals Junior Eurovision 2020 national final acts

| September 17, 2020

Russia have published the 11 finalists that will take part in their national final for Junior Eurovision 2020. The auditions were held last weekend at the Igore Krutoy academy in Moscow.

These are the finalists along with their home towns
1. Sofia Feskova – St. Petersburg 
2. Arseny Slesarev – Moscow 
3. Artem Fokin – Sevastopol 
4. Sofia Shkepu – Yaroslavl 
5. Artem Morozov – Moscow 
6. Rutger Garecht – Orenburg 
7. Duet “LittleZ” (Mikhail Koval and Polina Koroleva) – Novosibirsk 
8. Sergey Filin and Veronica Litovchenko – Moscow 
9. Sophia Tumanova– Novosibirsk 
10. Genych (Gennady Pereverdiev) – Moscow 
11. Sofia Kirsenko – Simferopol

You can listen to all songs, and vote for your favourites here. The voting will remain open until 24th September, and accounts for 50% of the total vote, with the other 50% coming from juries. The show will be recorded on the 25th, and will be broadcast on the 26th.

Last year, Russia were represented by Tatyana Mezhentseva and Oorzhak Denberel who sang thier song “A Time For Us”. They eventually finished in 13th place with 72 points. This is the first time Russia has failed to make the top 10 in Junior Eurovision.

Who would you like to see represent Russia in Junior Eurovision? Do you think they will be able to produce a third winning entry? Let us know in the comments below! 

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