Roxen is back with her latest release ”Inimă Nu Fi De Piatră”

July 20, 2021


Roxen haș recently come up with a new song called ”Inimă Nu Fi De Piatră”. Larisa Roxana Giurgiu, also known as Roxen, is a Romanian singer signed to Global Records. She debuted in 2019 with her song You Don’t Love Me, which reached the third plance in Romanian Top 100, the Romanian national charts. She also represented Romania at Eurovision in 2020 with Alcohol You and in 2021 with Amnesia

Roxen’s new hit is called “Inimă Nu Fi De Piatră”, which can be translated into “Heart, Don’t Be Made of Stone” and deals about how we can relate to our heart being broken. She took inspiration from the iconic Corina Chiriac’s “Inimă Nu Fi De Piatră”, rearranging it in a modern key and bringing it on top of the charts after almost 50 years. 

This new single has been appreciated since it was published; her modern style, her voice, her energy conquered our hearts and made us love her more and more. Even the comments to the video itself can show how she successfully managed to have us dancing to these beats!

What do you think of the song? Have you already listened to it and gone wild dancing??  Please let us know in the comments below

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